S-ICD System

Subcutaneous Implantable Defibrillator

Sophisticated Insight™Technology¹

The S-ICD™ system uses the highly sophisticated INSIGHT™ technology to identify and classify a heart rhythm – rather than individual beats to effectively sense, discriminate, and convert VT/VF through a three phase process.

The Subcutaneous Signal

The S-ICD System uses a revolutionary approach to sensing, different from transvenous systems:

Three sensing vectors provide different perspectives of patient’s cardiac rhythm for optimal sensing. The S-ICD System automatically identifies the best signal for rhythm detection.

Far-field sensing allows the S-ICD System to capture a high-resolution signal similar to a surface ECG.

Therapy delivery

• 5 shocks per episode at 80 J

• Post-Shock Pacing demand-based at 50 ppm for up to 30”

• Adaptive Shock Polarity remembers the polarity of the last successful shock and automatically selects this polarity for first shock of an episode