Paclitaxel-Coated PTA Balloon Catheter

How to use RangerTM

RangerTM  is a Drug Coated Balloon with a loading tool designed to protect the drug whilst transitioning through the introducer. 

The Loading Tool

When a drug coated balloon is transitioned through a tight introducer’s valve the drug coating can get damaged. This may result in the drug and excipient flaking off the balloon before reaching the lesion.

The loading tool can contribute to both drug coating integrity and ease of use. 

Ranger’s loading tool is specifically designed to protect the drug coating while handling and inserting the device through the introducer. Uniquely designed for the challenges of DCB’s, Ranger’s loading tool is retracted distally if needed or can be peeled away for complete removal. 

The loading tool is designed to improve ease-of use when handling the device, while protecting the drug coating.

  • Dedicated tool designed to improve handling
  • Pre-mounted 
  • Shifted over the balloon once balloon protector is removed
Ranger loading tool montage

Sterling™ platform

Ranger™ is based on the well known Sterling™ PTA balloon dilatation catheter.

Ranger’s deliverability assists in protecting the drug coating to reach the lesion, while preserving coating integrity.