See ACURATE neo2 in action

“From a surgical point of view we use supra-annular [valves] due to greater orifice area, minimizing the risk of PPM (Prosthesis-Patient Mismatch) – it’s better for the patient.”

- Prof. Michael Zembala

The self-expanding, supra-annular valve structure reduces the risk of structural valve deterioration. ACURATE neo2™ has demonstrated large EOAs and low mean gradients up to 5 years.1 Large EOAs provide improved flow, less resistance, and better long-term durability.2

ACURATE neo2 vs. SAPIEN 3 Ultra

First real-world analysis of device success and clinical safety in next-gen TAVI devices: the comparison of supra-annular ACURATE neo2 and intra-annular SAPIEN 3 Ultra valves.1

Elevated gradients*¹

2.6% ACURATE neo2 vs 9.8% SAPIEN 3 Ultra Valve

Severe prosthesis-patient mismatch¹

2.3% ACURATE neo2 vs. 15.5% SAPIEN 3 Ultra Valve

1. Kim WK., et al. Multicenter comparison of latest generation of self-expanding versus balloon-expandable transcatheter aortic valves. Euro PCR 2022.

2. Flameng W, et al. Prosthesis-patient mismatch predicts structural valve degeneration in bioprosthetic heart valves. Circulation. 2010 May 3;121:2123-2129.

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