Designed for complex PCI
Excellent conformability to vessel anatomy and Largest on-label overexpansion limits to accomodate proximal to distal tapered vessels

The First & Only 48mm DES in the U.S.
Excellent Conformability
Excellent Conformability
Exceptional Overexpansion  up to 5.75 mm*
Exceptional Overexpansion  up to 5.75 mm*
Kang Network Meta-Analysis
Quality Outcomes for Patients

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SYNERGY™ Stent, now available in 4.5 mm and 5.0 mm

Stent Length (mm)
8 12 16 20 24 28 32 38 48 Over
2.25 H7493926208220 H7493926212220 H7493926216220 H7493926220220 H7493926224220 H7493926228220 H7493926232220 H7493926238220   3.50
2.50 H7493926208250 H7493926212250 H7493926216250 H7493926220250 H7493926224250 H7493926228250 H7493926232250 H7493926238250 H7493926248250 3.50
2.75 H7493926208270 H7493926212270 H7493926216270 H7493926220270 H7493926224270 H7493926228270 H7493926232270 H7493926238270 H7493926248270 3.50
3.00 H7493926208300 H7493926212300 H7493926216300 H7493926220300 H7493926224300 H7493926228300 H7493926232300 H7493926238300 H7493926248300 4.25
3.50 H7493926208350 H7493926212350 H7493926216350 H7493926220350 H7493926224350 H7493926228350 H7493926232350 H7493926238350 H7493926248350 4.25
4.00 H7493926208400 H7493926212400 H7493926216400 H7493926220400 H7493926224400 H7493926228400 H7493926232400 H7493926238400 H7493926248400 5.75
 4.50   H7493926212450 H7493926216450 H7493926220450
H7493926224450 H7493926228450 H7493926232450     5.75
5.00   H7493926212500 H7493926216500 H7493926220500 H7493926224500 H7493926228500 H7493926232500     5.75


Addressing the Full Spectrum of Cardiovascular Disease Complexity

Continued Research
Continued Research