ADAPT-DES Study Reported Improved Outcomes with IVUS Use1

The study goal was to evaluate outcomes in patients undergoing PCI with IVUS use versus no IVUS use. The ADAPT-DES study is the largest prospective, non-randomized, multicenter study to date with 8,582 patients enrolled with no exclusion criteria (IVUS arm = 3,361 patients, Angiographic arm = 5,221 patients).

2-Year Results Overview

IVUS guidance lead to the use of larger stents or balloons, more post-dilatation, additional stents, or higher pressures in 74% of patients – resulting in lower rates of ST, MI, and TLR.

  • IVUS use group reported a significant reduction in MI (38%), ST (53%), MACE (35%), and TLR (20%)
  • IVUS use was identified as an independent predictor of lower ST incidence