Peripheral Thrombectomy System

Case CLI with Right Foot Ulcer Thrombectomy: Posterior and Anterior Tibial

Case CLI with Right Foot Ulcer Thrombectomy pre-procedure arteriogram

Arteriogram of posterior and anterior tibial post-CDT

PT and AT remained occluded following overnight CDT infusion of lytic

Case CLI with Right Foot Ulcer Thrombectomy post-AngioJet Solent Dista

Post-AngioJet™ Solent™ Dista thrombectomy with PowerPulse™ delivery

AngioJet Solent Dista Catheter used in Power Pulse mode in both AT and PT. 30 min dwell in  AT and 45 min dwell in PT. Followed by Solent Dista Catheter used in thrombectomy mode

Case CLI with Right Foot Ulcer Thrombectomy post-procedure arteriogram

Post-procedure arteriogram

Image following ballooning of small focal lesion in PT

Thrombectomy of Occluded SFA

Thrombectomy of Occluded SFA - pre-procedure

Imaging SFA showing thrombus and calcification

Male in his late 40s presenting with pain in his right leg. An angiogram showed a total occlusion in the right superior femoral artery (SFA)

Thrombectomy of Occluded SFA - catheter positioning

Solent™ Proxi catheter positioned before the lesion

The physician delivered (antegrade) the Solent Proxi catheter to the proximal margin of the occlusion

Thrombectomy of Occluded SFA - thrombus removed

Thrombus removed following AngioJet™ treatment

After the third pass with Solent Proxi

Thrombectomy of Occluded SFA - post-adjunctive treatment

Post-adjunctive treatment

Final angiogram showing flow post-treatment