Peripheral Imaging Catheter

Opticross 18 Peripheral Imaging Catheter
Opticross 18 Peripheral Imaging Catheter

The Opticross 18 IVUS catheter delivers confidence to guide complex lesions. The best in class deliverability enables crossing challenging lesions while providing exceptional image quality.

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Product Details

The Opticross 18 Catheter’s 3.5 F crossing profile, enhanced trackability and pushability, and tapered imaging window contribute to smooth, sure deliverability.  A beveled tip design is intended to ease legion entry, decrease stent catch, and provide peace of mind.

Exceptional Deliverability

Superior Deliverability

  • Balloon tip technology to facilitate crossing and deliverability
  • Small crossing profile and shaft stiffness transitions for excellent deliverability
  • Lubricious coating promotes deliverability

Best in Class Image Quality

Enhanced Image Quality

  • 30 MHz transducer frequency allows for deeper ultrasound penetration than a 40 MHz transducer frequency
  • Ability to visualize larger vessel sizes with higher image resolution than a 20 MHz transducer frequency

Ease of Use

Improved Ease of Use

  • Stronger proximal shaft for great pushability
  • Ease of flush for quick prep
  • Compatible with iLab™ POLARIS Multi-Modality Guidance System


Product Specifications

OptiCross 18 Peripheral Imaging Catheter 


Transducer Frequency

30 MHz

Order Number


Typical Use

SFA, Popliteal, Tibial, Renal

Maximum Diameter Penetration

12 mm

Prep Location


Catheter Telescoping Length

15 cm

Sled Pullback Length

10 cm

Distance from Transducer to Tip

2.0 cm

Guidewire Lumen Length

1.6 cm

Guidewire Compatibility

≤ 0.018"

Sheath Compatibility (with max wire)

6 F

Guide Catheter Compatibility

6 F (ID ≥ 0.068")

Crossing Profile3.5 F

Imaging Window Profile

2.9 F

Entry Profile1.6 F

Working Length

135 cm

OPTICROSS Coronary Imaging Catheters Product Specifications

Necessary Equipment

The following are required for use of the OPTICROSS Opticross 18 Peripheral Catheter:


Ordering Information

Product CodeCatalog NumberMaterial DescriptionGTIN
H7493932800180390590018OPTICROSS 1808714729904366

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