SpyGlass™ DS

Direct Visualization System

In-Service and Case Study

Dr. Robert Hawes demonstrates the "plug and play" setup and performs a case study

"You can see how well we can visualize the biopsy forceps, and we can do excellent targeted biopsies. And here you see the final diagnosis, which is cholangiocarcinoma."

Robert Hawes, MD
Florida Hospital Center for Interventional Endoscopy
Orlando, Florida

Performing Laser Lithotripsy Using the SpyGlass DS System By Dr. Patel

In this case presented by Dr. Patel, a 46-year-old patient presented with cholangitis and despite the use of conventional therapies, the stones were unable to be extracted successfully and a plastic stent was placed. The patient returned 2 months later for an outpatient ERCP with laser lithotripsy using the SpyGlass™ DS System.

Diagnosing PSC using Cholangioscopy By Dr. Komanduri

Dr. Komanduri presents a case in which a 32-year-old male was referred for evaluation after an abnormal MRCP. ERCP using cholangioscopy is performed and direct tissue sampling of the dominant stricture is conducted using SpyBite™ Biopsy Forceps.

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Written Case Studies

Using Cholangioscopy to Fragment a Difficult Stone in a Patient who had 17 Previous ERCPs By Dr. Krinsky

In this case presented by Dr. Krinsky, an 81-year-old Asian man with a history of recurrent choledocholithiasis requiring 17 ERCPs presented with cholangitis. An  ERCP using the SpyGlass™ DS System was performed, and identified a 3cm oval-shaped pigmented cholesterol stone just distal to the bifurcation.

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Providing a Definitive Diagnosis of Cholangiocarcinoma for a Patient who Underwent 4 Failed Diagnostic Tests By Dr. Kohosravi

Dr. Khosravi presents a case in which a 64-year-old female presented with jaundice, chills, and progressive fatigue. Pathology failed to yield a diagnosis and due to suspicion of cholangitis, cholangioscopy with biopsy using the SpyGlass™ DS System and SpyBite™ Biopsy Forceps was recommended to aid in establishing a diagnosis.

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