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Your team works tirelessly for the best possible outcomes – let us help maximize them. Providing TAVI-related stroke protection is simple and life-changing.



60 minutes interactive session moderated by Prof. Thomas Cuisset with TAVI experts Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, Prof. Lars Søndergaard and Dr. Joanna Wykrzykowska to learn more about:
Understanding & interpreting PTAVR in a practical manner to reflect clinical practice.
Addressing the role of CEP in Lifetime Patient Management for TAVI and focus on the periprocedural benefits of SENTINEL™.


Stroke economics – using SENTINEL to grow your TAVI program

"But it is not only mortality. It is also clearly morbidity and its costs, hospital stay and logistics of the procedure."
Dr. D. Blackman – Leeds General Infirmary, UK


The facts of stroke

Protect patients with minimal impact
to your program


SENTINEL IDE trial. Data presented at SENTINEL advisory oanel, February 23rd, 2017.
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