SmartCRT is Boston Scientific’s approach to personalise CRT therapy by providing physicians with smart solutions to optimise where, when, and how to pace. Thanks to EnduraLife™ Battery Technology, we take personalisation to the next level - giving physicians the power and freedom to optimise not for device battery life, but for patients.

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Personalised CRT Therapy

Despite decades of successful CRT therapy, there is still a recognised non-responder rate of 15-45%.1
Current and historical methods for achieving CRT response vary:

  • Echocardiography
  • Attaining proper LV lead position
  • Optimising A-V delay
  • Pacing from multiple LV sites
  • Choose optimal LV Vector

None of these methods have proven to be solely efficacious 100% of the time. Instead of relying on one method alone, a more systematic approach is needed in order to improve CRT response. Apart from patient selection, there are three aspects over which physicians have control and which can change the level of patient benefit:

SmartCRT, Boston Scientific’s approach to personalised CRT therapy, provides physicians with smart solutions to choose where, when and how to pace for optimal results.

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