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Physician Perspectives

Physician Perspectives

The Importance of Device Longevity
Dr Fredrik Gadler explains how device longevity is becoming increasingly important for patients and for the healthcare system.
Physician Perspectives

Patient Impact

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Device Replacements Nearly Double the Infection Risk

In an independent study from Leiden University, of the 451 patients that underwent a device replacement, 9.1% had a complication or infection. Of those with complications, 66% experienced a major complication that required reoperation. Furthermore, Investigators found that replacement doubled the risk for pocket-related surgical reintervention.4


Device Replacements Infection Rates

The infection rate for new device implants is <1% whereas risk increases to 2.6 to 7% after device replacements.4,5

Doubled risk for pocket-related surgical re-interventions6
3,161 ICDs, 38 months follow-up

  • 2.5 times increased risk for infection
  • 1.7 times increases risk other complication
  • Need for re-intervention increases with every consecutive replacement