Plaque Modification

Pave the Way to Success with Vessel Preparation

Meet the technical challenges of complex lesions head on. Plaque modification can positively impact outcomes by optimizing PCI  in complex lesions. Partner with Boston Scientific to access a complete set of tools that will help you master plaque modification in calcified or fibrotic lesions.

Benefits of Plaque Modification with Cutting Balloon

  • Changes compliance in resistant lesions
  • Helps minimize vessel trauma1,2
  • Reduces plaque burden and/or minimizes plaque shift2,5,6
  • Reduces elastic recoil3,4

Benefits of Plaque Modification with Rotational Atherectomy

  • Increases procedural success in calcified lesions12
  • Facilitate stent delivery in undilatable lesions
  • Reduces suboptimal stent expansion