VITALIO™ Pacemaker
VITALIO™ Pacemaker

VITALIO lets the heart take the lead, intervening only when appropriate. With features including respiration-based pacing for rate response, wireless connectivity and automaticity in both chambers – the VITALIO pacemaker lets your patients get back to what’s important in life.

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Clinical Benefits for You and Your Patients. Efficiency for Your Practice.

Respiration-based Pacing

The VITALIO pacemaker offers the RightRate™ feature which combines our existing MV (minute ventilation) sensor with enhanced programming. The MV sensor is the only sensor that follows a patient’s respiration and the only sensor clinically proven to restore chronotropic competence1. The RightRate feature incorporates programming improvements such as automatic sensor calibration, a simplified user interface and a sensor replay to make patient optimization easier.

Wireless Implants & Follow-ups

Boston Scientific knows how important efficiency is for your practice and staff. A recent study showed that remote monitoring can be a challenge with a 49% rate of patient non-compliance3. This non-compliance can cost your practice in multiple ways including: increased clinic workload and workflow disruptions. In a different study, wireless devices showed patient compliance greater than 90%4. In addition, the VITALIO pacemakers wireless connectivity used with the LATITUDE™ Patient Management system can provide daily alerts on clinically significant events such as atrial arrhythmias.

Management of Unnecessary RV Pacing

The VITALIO pacemaker provides options to manage RV pacing. It features RYTHMIQ™ which is designed to minimize unnecessary pacing without clinically significant pauses. RYTHMIQ is a reverse-mode switch algorithm and operates in an atrial pacing mode with VVI back-up during times of normal conduction, switching to a dual chamber mode when a conduction block is detected. A recent study demonstrated an 80% relative and 50% absolute reduction in RV pacing through the use of RYTHMIQ2. The VITALIO pacemaker also includes AV Search+ which is also designed to reduce unnecessary RV pacing through the extension of the AV delay.

Fully Automatic

The VITALIO pacemaker incorporates PaceSafe™ RV automatic capture and RA automatic threshold to automatically adjust pacing thresholds. These algorithms can increase projected longevity, adjust to fluctuating thresholds and are simple to use with single-button programming.

Respiratory Rate Trend

Respiration is a key vital sign; Boston Scientific provides the ability to track it in a device. Respiratory Rate Trend uses a transthoracic impedance signal to measure respiration and tracks daily maximum, median and minimum respiration rates enabling you to help monitor your patients. This data is available through the LATITUDE™ system and qualifies for ICM code reimbursement.


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