Polaris™ Loop

Ureteral Stent

Dual Durometer Percuflex™ Stent with HydroPlus™ Coating featuring a novel bladder loop design.

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Product Details

Design Features

  • Dual Durometer Percuflex Material with HydroPlus Coating  
  • Unique 2.1F bladder loops made of soft Percuflex Material
  • An average of 69% less material in the bladder than traditional stents1
  • Biocompatible material designed for 365-day indwelling time1


  • HydroPlus Coating to facilitate advancement
  • Places similar to a double pigtail stent (View Technique Spotlight
  • The R.O. Band is located in a similar location as with a traditional double pigtail stent
  • Shown in a clinical trial to be easier to remove then the standard double pigtail stent2

Multiple Sizes

  • Available in 5F - 8F with lengths ranging from 10cm - 30cm 
  • Improved ID/OD Ratio, low profile stent with larger inner lumen

Latex Information

This product contains no detectable latex.


Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
155211M0061552110Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent5F x 10cmEach
155212M0061552120Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent5F x 12cmEach
155213M0061552130Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent5F x 14cmEach
155214M0061552140Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent5F x 16cmEach
155215M0061552150Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent5F x 18cmEach
155220M0061552200Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent5F x 20cmEach
155221M0061552210Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent5F x 22cmEach
155222M0061552220Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent5F x 24cmEach
155223M0061552230Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent5F x 26cmEach
155224M0061552240Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent5F x 28cmEach
155225M0061552250Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent5F x 30cmEach
155230M0061552300Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent6F x 20cmEach
155231M0061552310Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent6F x 22cmEach
155232M0061552320Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent6F x 24cmEach
155233M0061552330Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent6F x 26cmEach
155234M0061552340Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent6F x 28cmEach
155235M0061552350Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent6F x 30cmEach
155240M0061552400Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent7F x 20cmEach
155241M0061552410Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent7F x 22cmEach
155242M0061552420Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent7F x 24cmEach
155243M0061552430Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent7F x 26cmEach
155244M0061552440Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent7F x 28cmEach
155245M0061552450Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent7F x 30cmEach
155250M0061552500Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent8F x 20cmEach
155251M0061552510Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent8F x 22cmEach
155252M0061552520Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent8F x 24cmEach
155253M0061552530Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent8F x 26cmEach
155254M0061552540Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent8F x 28cmEach
155255M0061552550Polaris Loop Ureteral Stent8F x 30cmEach

Tools and Resources

   Product Brochure
   Technique Spotlight


1. Data on file Boston Scientific Corporation

2. J. Lingeman, Ease of Placement and Removal of Loop Tail Stents vs. Standard Pigtail Stents