Percuflex™ Plus

Ureteral Stent

Firm Percuflex Stent with HydroPlus™ Coating designed for ease of placement.

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Product Details

Design Features

  • Material strength and smooth stent surface facilitate navigation of tight strictures
  • Designed to reduce risk of migration due to high retention coil strength
  • Stent designed with a high ID/OD ratio and with larger inner lumen to facilitate drainage and patency
  • Biocompatible material designed for 365-day indwelling time1


  • Tapered Tip designed to help facilitate ease of access through the ureteral orifice
  • HydroPlus Coating to facilitate advancement
  • Bladder markings to confirm advancement

Multiple Sizes

  • Available in 4.8F – 8F with lengths ranging from 10cm–30cm

Latex Information

This product contains no detectable latex.


Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
175195M0061751950Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent4.8F x 10cmEach
175196M0061751960Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent4.8F x 12cm

175197M0061751970Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent4.8F x 14cmEach
175198M0061751980Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent4.8F x 16cm

175199M0061751990Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent4.8F x 18cmEach
175250M0061752500Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent4.8F x 20cmEach
175251M0061752510Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent4.8F x 22cmEach
175252M0061752520Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent4.8F x 24cmEach
175253M0061752530Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent4.8F x 26cmEach
175254M0061752540Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent4.8F x 28cm

175255M0061752550Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent4.8F x 30cm

175260M0061752600Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent6Fr x 20cmEach
175261M0061752610Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent6F x 22cmEach
175262M0061752620Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent6F x 24cmEach
175263M0061752630Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent6F x 26cmEach
175264M0061752640Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent6F x 28cmEach
175265M0061752650Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent6F x 30cmEach
175270M0061752700Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent7Fr x 20cmEach
175271M0061752710Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent7F x 22cmEach
175272M0061752720Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent7F x 24cmEach
175273M0061752730Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent7F x 26cmEach
175274M0061752740Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent7F x 28cm

175275M0061752750Percuflex Plus Ureteral Stent7F x 30cmEach

Tools and Resources

   Product Brochure


1. Data on file Boston Scientific Corporation