Colonic Stents

Dedicated flared design is intended to improve obstruction relief and help reduce migration risk
Offers an alternative treatment option for palliation
Delivery system allows repositioning of the stent up to about 70% of stent deployment
Nitinol construction aids in improved stent visibility

Designed to offer the ultimate combination of delivery system access and stent construction to expand options available for patient treatment and management of colonic strictures caused by malignant neoplasms.

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WallFlex Single-Use Colonic Stent System*
WallFlex Colonic Stent
Order Number Stent Body Diameter (mm) Flare Diameter (mm) Expanded Stent Length (mm) Working Length (cm) Delivery System Length (cm) Delivery System Diameter (Fr) Packaging
M00565040 25 30 60 230 270 10 Each
M00565050 25 30 90 230 270 10 Each
M00565060 25 30 120 230 270 10 Each
M00565100 22 27 60 230 270 10 Each
M00565110 22 27 90 230 270 10 Each

*Recommended Guidewire .035" WALLSTENT™ Super Stiff Guidewire, Order #18001, (view in catalog).

1 Product with this symbol may be used in Magnetic Resonance environment according to the conditions described in Directions for Use.

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