Promus PREMIER™ Select

Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

CUSTOMIZED Stent Architecture.
PROVEN Long Term Outcomes.

MRP: INR 12,000


Product Details

Promus ELITE Stent System with product specs

Ordering Information

(mm) 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 38
2.25 H7493939908220 H7493939912220 H7493939916220 H7493939920220 H7493939924220 H7493939928220 H7493939932220 n/a
2.5 H7493939908250 H7493939912250 H7493939916250 H7493939920250 H7493939924250 H7493939928250 H7493939932250 H7493939938250
2.75 H7493939908270 H7493939912270 H7493939916270 H7493939920270 H7493939924270 H7493939928270 H7493939932270 H7493939938270
3.0 H7493939908300 H7493939912300 H7493939916300 H7493939920300 H7493939924300 H7493939928300 H7493939932300 H7493939938300
3.5 H7493939908350 H7493939912350 H7493939916350 H7493939920350 H7493939924350 H7493939928350 H7493939932350 H7493939938350
4.0 H7493939908400 H7493939912400 H7493939916400 H7493939920400 H7493939924400 H7493939928400 H7493939932400 H7493939938400

Proven Clinical Outcomes

Outstanding safety shown in real-world use

Kang Network Meta-Analysis11

Promus PtCr EES ranked #2 for the lowest relative risk of Def/Prob Stent Thrombosis

SCAAR Registry12

Promus PtCr EES reported numerically lowest Permanent Polymer ST rates in real-world SCAAR Registry
More than 8 Million Promus PtCr DES implanted worldwide15

Customized Stent Platform

Customized stent architecture design offers the ideal balance of strength and flexibility

Superior Deliverability

Customized Stent Architecture for Strength & Flixibility

Designed to offer excellent apposition, reduced vessel trauma and enhanced procedural confidence.