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Treating pain is complex.
Making it simple is our mission.

At Boston Scientific, we are dedicated to providing best-in-class solutions engineered to enhance OR efficiency.

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Fixate™ Tissue Band

Bench test data shows that, on average, lead and catheter anchoring can be done in less than one minute. The FixateTissue Band is a semi-automatic suturing device that is designed to enable the quick, simple and secure placement of a suture around a lead or catheter anchor, thereby securing the lead or catheter to the tissue.

Clik™ Anchor

The latest advance in lead anchoring technology, the Clik Anchor is engineered for quick, simple, secure lead fixation. It locks to the lead with a simple turn of a hex wrench. The Clik Anchor is the perfect complement to Boston Scientific's unrivaled percutaneous lead portfolio. 

Precision Spectra™ OMG™ Connector

Switching to another drug when the first one fails to deliver the desired patient benefit is standard practice. Similarly, the OMG Connector enables physicians to try a different SCS therapy. Try our Illumina 3D™ programming algorithm with St. Jude or Medtronic trial systems to give your patients another option for success.

OMG Connector

The OMG Connector offers you and your patients the chance to evaluate the difference in pain relief between Precision Plus and competitive SCS systems.