Cutting Balloon™ Dilatation Device

Flextome Cutting Balloon Dilatation Device

Flextome Cutting Balloon Device’s mechanism of action will enhance your ability to treat resistant lesions.


Product Details

The Flexibility You Want

  • Nylon balloon material designed to provide flexibility, superb compliance and improved puncture resistance 
  • Overall better deliverability to treat more complex lesions

The Deliverability You Need

  • 30% more deliverability that the Balloon Ultra2™ Device1
  • 50% improvement in re-cross compared to the Cutting Balloon Ultra Device1

The Predictability You Rely On

  • Precise dilatation
  • Scoring the plaque by severing the elastic and fibrotic continuity of the vessel wall
  • Dilating the lesion at lower pressures with less recoil
  • Lumen gain through plaque compression instead of vessel wall expansion
Over-the-Wire Catheter
MonorailTM Catheter 

Designed for Complex Lesions

The Cutting Balloon Device is a proven tool for the mechanical challenges of complex lesions that are often resistant to conventional balloon angioplasty. Treat challenging lesions with the flexible, deliverable and predictable Flextome Cutton Balloon Device.