Expect™ and Expect Slimline (SL)

Endoscopic Ultrasound Aspiration Needles

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Available in 19, 22 and 25ga Cobalt-Chromium Needles, 19ga Flex Nitinol Needles - in 2 handle designs
Choose the regular or new Slimline handle depending on your preferences for size, shape and actuation/tactile feel
Sharp needle grind of the Expect Needle is designed to aid in precise targeting and sampling.
EUS-FNA Specimen Handling & Processing. Dr. Shantel Hebert-Magee (academic pathologist) shares best practices.
Short demonstration showing the flexibility and resistance to deformation of the Expect 19ga Flex Needle.

Physician preference matters. That's why we offer choices for handle size and shape, actuation/tactile feel, flexibility and durability of the needle.1 All needles have a highly visible echogenic pattern and a sharp needle tip grind.

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A novel approach to physician engagement. See what physicians are saying. As seen in ACCESS Magazine.

Ordering Information

Expect and Expect Slimline (SL) Needles
Expect Slimline Needles
 Order NumberNeedle SizeMin. Working Channel (mm)Sheath Diameter (mm)Packaging (color coded)
Slimline (SL) Handle NeedlesM0055550019 ga (1.10mm)2.81.83Each
M0055551022 ga (0.72mm)2.41.65Each
M0055552025 ga (0.52mm)2.41.52Each
M0055553019 ga Flex (1.14mm)2.81.73Each
M0055550119 ga (1.10mm)2.81.83Box 5
M0055551122 ga (0.72mm)2.41.65Box 5
M0055552125 ga (0.52mm)2.41.52Box 5
M0055553119 ga Flex (1.14mm)2.81.73Box 5
 Order NumberNeedle SizeMin. Working Channel (mm)Sheath Diameter (mm)Packaging (color coded)
Standard Handle NeedlesM0055000019 ga (1.10mm)2.81.83Each
M0055001022 ga (0.72mm)2.41.65Each
M0055002025 ga (0.52mm)2.41.52Each
M0055004019 ga Flex (1.14mm)2.81.73Each
M0055000119 ga (1.10mm)2.81.83Box 5
M0055001122 ga (0.72mm)2.41.65Box 5
M0055002125 ga (0.52mm)2.41.52Box 5
M0055004119 ga Flex (1.14mm)2.81.73Box 5
  • Packaging includes a 20cc syringe and one-way stopcock 
  • Working length: 137.5cm to 141.5cm, adjustable 
  • Needle length: 0cm to 8cm, adjustable

Clinical Information

   An Introduction to EUS-FNA Sample Preparation Techniques, Mohammad Al-Haddad, MD › 
    The Value of Obtaining a Cell Block during FNA Sampling, Shantel Hebert-Magee, MD (pathology) ›

Case Studies

    Diagnosing a Mass in Tail of Pancreas, Dr. Varadarajulu  Watch Video >
  Fanning Technique: See a Clinical Demonstration of this FNA Sampling Technique   Watch Video >

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Presented by Ichiro Yasuda, MD, Ph.D., Gifu, Japan
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Flexibility (Nitinol vs Stainless Steel) and Durability (Cobalt-Chromium vs Stainless Steel). Data on file Boston Scientific.