Urologic Guidewire

Zebra Urologic Guidewire
Torque Vise

Nitinol wire with striped jacket designed to provide excellent visual feedback and handling.

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Product Details

Distinct Construction

  • Kink-resistant nitinol core
  • Flexible PTFE "jacket" designed for torqueability

Enhanced Visualization

  • Blue and white striped pattern is designed to provide clear endoscopic visualization of wire movement
  • Platinum distal tip is visible under fluoroscopy to aid in confirmation of guidewire position

Lubricious Coating

  • Uro-Glide™ Coating on distal 60cm designed to reduce surface friction for smooth entry, advancement and withdrawal with precise proximal handling

Accessories Supplied

  • Torque Vise is packaged with the product and offers the physician fingertip torque control required to negotiate difficult anatomy and gain access beyond impacted calculi

Latex Information

This product contains no detectable latex.


Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNDescriptionTip DesignSizeQuantity
670108M0066701081Zebra Nitinol Guidewire3cm Straight.025 in x 150 cmBox 5
670109M0066701091Zebra Nitinol Guidewire3cm Angled.025 in x 150 cmBox 5
670110M0066701101Zebra Nitinol Guidewire3cm Straight.032 in x 150 cmBox 5
670112M0066701121Zebra Nitinol Guidewire3cm Straight.035 in x 150 cmBox 5
670113M0066701131Zebra Nitinol Guidewire3cm Angled.035 in x 150 cmBox 5
670114M0066701141Zebra Nitinol Guidewire3cm Straight.038 in x 150 cmBox 5
670115M0066701151Zebra Nitinol Guidewire3cm Angled.038 in x 150 cmBox 5