Renegade™ HI-FLO™

Microcatheter, Kits and Systems

Renegade™ HI-FLO™ Microcatheter, Kits and Systems
Renegade™ HI-FLO™ Microcatheter, Kits and Systems

Excellent visibility without compromising kink resistance.

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Renegade™ HI-FLO™ System Kit with Fathom™-16 Guidewire Pre-loaded into the Microcatheter

Two Advanced Technologies…One Simple Solution The RenegadeTM HI-FLOTM FathomTM Kit combines the unique turn-for-turn torque response, flexibility and high visibility of the FathomTM-16 Guidewire with the clinically proven performance of the RenegadeTM HI-FLOTM Microcatheter, all in one convenient platform.

Renegade™ HI-FLO™ Microcatheter

  • Fiber Palladium Braid designed for excellent visibility without compromising kink resistance
  • Co-Extrusion technology designed for enhanced trackability
  • Large .027" inner diameter and 800psi burst pressure rating promotes exceptional flow rates
  • RenegadeTM HI-FLOTM Microcatheter is both DMSO and alcohol compatible
  • Available in multiple lengths (105, 115, 135, 150cm) to access a variety of vascular beds

Fathom-16™ Steerable Guidewire

  • Diamond cut nitinol hypotube designed for turn-for turn torque response to navigate even the most tortuous vascular pathways
  • Shapeable platinum-tungsten tip engineered for excellent visibility while enabling physicians to customize each wire to their specific needs
  • Variable stiffness along the wire length designed for flexibility without compromising rail support for excellent deliverability
  • Sized to complement each length of the RenegadeTM HI-FLOTM Microcatheter

Bench Test Results

When passed through a tortuous track model, it took 36.8% less force for RenegadeTM HI-FLOTM Microcatheter to navigate the pathway than Progreat® Omega Catheter.¹
In bench tests, RenegadeTM HI-FLOTM Microcatheter flow rates were 7% greater when compared to the Terumo Progreat Omega Catheter.²
In its proximal portion, the RenegadeTM HI-FLOTM Microcatheter exhibited better pushability when compared to the Terumo Progreat Omega Catheter.³