Unusual stent assisted coil embolization of superior mesenteric artery ostium aneurysm using Direxion™ and Interlock-18.



81-years old man with an history of aortic aneurism underwent TC control and showed a widening of the superior mesenteric artery ostium diameter of 13.1 mm x 20 mm of lenght.

The angiographic control confirmed this enlargement and the presence of the renal arteries close to the point of treatment.

Creating route

We use a triple point of access. Leaving a diagnostic catheter inside the aneurysm sac we positioned an uncovered aortic self-expandable stent, being careful to avoid renal arteries covering.

After that we go through the closed cell of the stent and we used a balloon to enlarge the strut.

After that we positioned a self-expandable covered stent to exclude the aneurysm sac.


In order to provide a perfect coil release we choose to use a Direxion™ 0.021" (0.53 mm) Straight Tip microcatheter using the diagnostic catheter left inside the aneurysm sac.

We put three Interlock-18 fibered coils, two 10 x 50 mm and one coil 10 x 30 mm.

Thanks to the great torquability we were able to choose the right coil shaping direction, avoiding coil migration.


After few minutes the angiographic scan confirmed good aneurysm exclusion with complete patency of the superior mesenteric artery and the two renal arteries.

Fibered Interlock-18 provide us a complete aneurysm filling, a great release control and good thrombogenicity.

Study and images courtesy of
Dott. Fabio Melchiorre – Interventional Radiologist –San Paolo Hospital – Milano
Dott. Matteo Crippa – Vascular Surgeon – San Paolo Hospital – Milano