Selective Embolization of Traumatic Kidney Vascular Injury

Baseline Central

A 78 year old male patient was admitted to emergency department and underwent a total body CT scan after a car  accident.

The scans showed large subcapsular haematoma with active arterial supply at the middle-lower third level of the left kidney .

Angiography Scan

A Direxion™ 0.021" (0.53mm) microcatheter was used to engage the left renal artery and perform a super-selective catheterization of the middle-inferior lobe vessels.

The angiographic image confirmed active bleeding due to arterial laceration.


The first embolization was performed with Interlock™ detachable coils 3x40 mm.

Then using the same Direxion™, with an accurate torquablility performance, we were able to perform distal embolization,, preserving  renal parenchyma,  by using Interlock™ detachable coil 2x40mm.


The final angiographic image confirmed a very good and precise  embolization.

After 5 days CT-scan showed a  capsular hematoma reduction and the absence of active bleeding.

Study and images courtesy of
Dott. Angelo Spinazzola – Chief of Interventional Radiology Department and Interventional Radiologist – Ospedale Maggiore – Crema
Dott. Nicola Cionfoli – Interventional Radiologist - Ospedale Maggiore – Crema