Embolization of renal artery AVM using Interlock-18 detachable coils and Glubran

Baseline Central

A 46 year old woman with arterovenous malformation of the renal artery of the left kidney went to angiographic evaluation, showing a big anastomoses of the renal artery with the venous system.


A Bern Shape Direxion™ Torquable Microcatheter and a Fathom-16 guidewire were used to select distally the feeding vessel. A first Interlock™-18 detachable coil was deployed. In order to let Dacron® fibers work, we waited few minutes but the patency still persisted.


The same Direxion™ was adopted to detach a second and a third Interlock™-18.

The torquability of the microcatheter allowed us to effectively position these coils and so preserve the renal function.

0.1cc of Glue were injected to avoid any kind of recanalization.


The last angiographic control from the diagnostic catheter showed good results.

The anastomoses point was excluded and the renal vascularization was maintained, preserving the renal function.

Study and images courtesy of
Dott. Paolo Faccioli – Chief of Interventional Radiology Department– A.Manzoni Hospital – Lecco, Italy
Dott. Simone Limonta – Interventional Radiologist – A.Manzoni Hospital – Lecco, Italy