Aneurysmal bone cyst embolization

Baseline Central

A young female was admitted with a distal humeral bone aneurysmal cyst diagnosed with MR imaging and recurrent after embolization.

She was scheduled for retreatment.


The two percutaneous treatment options for aneurysmal cyst are arterial embolization and percutaneous sclerosis.

The latter allows the procedure to be performed as an outpatient. However, sometimes it is difficult to fill the cavity sufficiently with sclerosant agents.


We decided to perform a new technique combining a bone percutaneous approach, through a 15G (1.449 mm) needle and the injection of a sclerosant agents through the Direxion™ Bern-shape microcatheter.

The Direxion™ was chosen because it has been designed to maintain the chemical compatibility and maintain integrity when used with different embolic agents.


The same access was performed in different cystic loculations.

The use of such this microcatheter enabled us to inject the sclerosant agent mixed with gelfoam in different sites inside the cysts, completely  filling them.

Study and images courtesy of
Dr. Antonio Basile –  Chief of Interventional Radiology Department & Interventional Radiologist – "ARNAS Garibaldi Centro" – Catania
Dr. Marco Pizzarelli  - Dr. Giuseppe  Caltabiano - Dr. Natale Pennisi - Interventional Radiologists – "ARNAS Garibaldi Centro" – Catania