Passport™ Balloon

Balloon dilatation catheter mounted on a guide wire designed for radial dilatation of the urinary tract featuring a low profile catheter (3F) for ureteroscopic placement.

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Product Details

Non-Compliant Balloon

  • Designed with specially treated polymers and processes to provide strength to maintain its outer diameter during inflation 
  • Controlled inflation pressure up 8.5ATM, allowing for dilating force at a stricture or ureteral narrowing.
  • HydroPlus™ Coated balloon surface designed to reduce friction during advancement and withdrawal
  • Passport balloon is mounted on a stainless steel wire for one-step ureteroscopic placement

Low Profile Catheter

  • 3F catheter designed to advance through flexible ureteroscopes to reduce downtime or additional scope exchanges (min. working channel 3.4F)

Product Packaging Options

  • Available as a kit or a single balloon
  • Kit includes Passport Balloon and Encore™ 26 Inflator with pressure gauge

Latex Information

Product contains latex.


Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
218100M0062181000Passport Balloon Catheter12F x 2cm, 2cm TipEach
218101M0062181010Passport Balloon Catheter12F x 2cm, 4cm TipEach
218110M0062181100Passport Balloon Catheter12F x 4cm, 2cm TipEach
218111M0062181110Passport Balloon Catheter12F x 4cm, 4cm TipEach
218120M0062181200Passport Balloon Catheter Kit12F x 2cm, 2cm TipEach
218121M0062181210Passport Balloon Catheter Kit12F x 2cm, 4cm TipEach
218130M0062181300Passport Balloon Catheter Kit12F x 4cm, 2cm TipEach
218131M0062181310Passport Balloon Catheter Kit12F x 4cm, 4cm TipEach