Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Pacemaker

VISIONIST™ Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Pacemaker (CRT-P)

The VISIONIST™ and VALITUDE™ X4 quadripolar CRT-P provide 17 pacing vectors plus industry-leading projected longevity1 for more streamlined patient care.

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Key Benefits

  • The X4 CRT-P and ACUITY™ X4 lead portfolio features electrodes on a 3D spiral designed to allow pacing from a basal location without sacrificing fixation or thresholds; 17 pacing vector options to manage around PNS and high thresholds and multiple lead shapes with a 2.6F (0.86 mm) tapered lead tip to improve predictability of accessing target vessels.
  • Advanced AF and HF diagnostic reports provide a comprehensive and proactive approach for comorbidity management1
  • RF telemetry for wireless transmission of information and efficiency in the operating room and follow-up setting
  • LATITUDE™ NXT Remote Patient Management enabled, offering the opportunity for wireless (RF) remote patient monitoring and follow-up
  • PaceSafe™ RV, RA, and LV2, providing dynamic adjustment of pacing outputs to ensure capture, to maximize efficiency and ease of use
  • RightRate™ – MV sensor technology and the only MV sensor clinically proven to restore chronotropic competence
  • Enhanced features and diagnostics, including AP Scan™ and Respiratory Rate Trend, designed to provide you with greater insight into your patient’s disease progression based on the patient’s own respiration
  • POST function to facilitate patient follow up with a fully automatic device and lead check
  • EASYVIEW™ header with port identifiers designed to make the implant experience more efficient

Mechanical Specifications

Product Name Model Type Size (cm) Mass (g) Volume (cm3) Connector Type
VISIONIST™ X4 U228 X4 CRT-P 4.45 x 6.17 x 0.75 33.0 17.6 RA/RV: IS1 - LV IS4
VISIONIST™ IS-1 U225 CRT-P 4.45 x 6.13 x 0.75 30.6 16.2 RA/RV: IS1
VISIONIST™ LV-1 U226 CRT-P 4.45 x 6.13 x 0.75 31.1 16.7 RA/RV: IS1 - LV:LV1
VALITUDE™ X4 U128 X4 CRT-P 4.45 x 6.17 x 0.75 33.0 17.6 RA/RV: IS1 - LV IS4
VALITUDE™ U125 CRT-P 4.45 x 6.13 x 0.75 30.6 16.2 RA/RV: IS1