Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Pacemaker (CRT-P)


The INLIVEN™ cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemaker (CRT-P) from Boston Scientific provides cardiac resynchronization therapy for the treatment of heart failure.

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“It’s physiological. It follows the breath.”

The INLIVEN™ cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemaker (CRT-P) from Boston Scientific provides cardiac resynchronization therapy for the treatment of heart failure. The INLIVEN™ pacing system from Boston Scientific offers RightRate™ – the newest generation of MV sensor technology, designed to provide your patient with optimal CRT therapy and physiological pacing1-4. The INLIVEN™ CRT-P also offers enhanced features and diagnostics, including AP Scan™ and Respiratory Rate Trend, for risk stratification and co-morbidity management. Inliven™ has been designed to maximize efficiency and ease of use with PaceSafe™ auto thresholds and an easy user interface. INLIVEN™ includes the SmartDelay™ algorithm, which quickly provides recommended settings for programming AV Delay/Sensed AV Offset, with the intent of providing optimally timed CRT to maximize hemodynamic function. INLIVEN™ is LATITUDE™ NXT Remote Patient Management enabled, the only system to meet ESC Class 1 Recommendations5 offering the opportunity for convenient remote patient monitoring and follow-up.

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Key Benefits

INLIVEN™ has been designed to:

Optimize CRT and physiological pacing therapy thanks to RightRate™, based on Minute Ventilation Technology.

ACC/AHA/ESC Guidelines recommend exercise training of HF patient as part of the treatment, reducing mortality and improving Quality of Life.⁶

Chronotropic Incompetence, defined as the inability of the heart to regulate its rate appropriately in response to physiologic stressvii, has an high prevalence in HF population and, if we look specifically to CRT population, more than 70% of CRT patients can have CI.⁷

Restoring Chronotropic Competence by pacing without induction of dyssynchrony (CRT device) may potentially improve exercise capacity⁸ CRT patients can improve their Heart Rate response thanks to RigthRate™, a rate adaptive pacing that react to the physiologic Minute Ventilation sign⁹ improving their exercise capacity and clinical outcome.⁷

Provide valuable screening and diagnostic information on sleep apnea and respiratory rate, for risk stratification and co-morbidity management.

ACC/AHA/ESC Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute and Chronic Heart Failure recommend the measurement and documentation of physiological vital signs including Respiratory Rate for cardiac patients.¹⁰

Sleep apnea is one of the most common comorbidities in patients with cardiovascular disease. It has up to 80% prevalence in HF population with 80% remaining undiagnosed¹¹. AP Scan™ allows you to identify implanted patients at risk of severe sleep apnea¹². Therapeutic options are then available for the treatment of these patients.¹³

Recent data shows that Daily Respiratory Rate Trends are significantly elevated prior to Heart Failure admissions¹⁴ Respiratory Rate Trend allows you to monitor your patient’s breathing patterns to give you insight into the progression of heart failure.

Maximize efficiency and ease of use to provide you with Assurance, first.

INLIVEN™ provides automaticity and confidence with PaceSafe™ RA and RV. PaceSafe RA and RV are designed to dynamically adjust the atrial and ventricular pacing output to ensure capture of the atrial and ventricular chambers by optimizing the voltage with a safety margin.¹²

INLIVEN™ has RF technology for streamlined implant, in-clinic and remote follow-up, allows 3x faster follow-up, fast electrogram episode recovery, and provides extra security with encryption.