Guide Extension Catheter

Guidezilla Guide Extension Catheter
Guidezilla Guide Extension Catheter

Conquer the complexities of non-compliant and tortuous anatomy with this simple but powerful device.


Product Details

Used in conjunction with guide catheters, GUIDEZILLA Guide Extension Catheter

  • Enhances access to discrete regions of the coronary vasculature
  • Facilitates placement of interventional devices
  • Provide additional guide back-up support

Extend your reach when treating complex lesions

18% More Pushable1
Stiff-yet-flexible stainless steel hypotube shaft provides exceptional pushability and kink resistance when advancing the extension catheter

 55% Less Frictional Force1 / Better Deliverability
Hydrophilic coating on the outer diameter reduces friction and enhances deliverability through complex, tortuous anatomy

 8% Increased Back-Up Support1
1x1 Braid provides extra back-up support without over-straightening the vessel

 0.001'' Larger I.D. / 0.001'' Smaller O.D.1
0.057” (1.45 mm) Inner-diameter allows more room to deliver interventional devices.
0.066” (1.68 mm) Outer-diameter reduces guide catheter interference

 Deliverability of Interventional Devices
Stainless steel collar embedded in polymer is designed to optimize accessory device delivery

Two radiopaque marker bands facilitate accurate placement and positioning

 Extended Length

25 cm distal catheter segment enables access to discrete lesions

 Tip Safety

Soft, flexible, and atraumatic tip designed to minimize the risk of complications to the vessel

Product Specifications

A    120 cm Proximal hypotube shaft

B    0.057'' (1.45 mm) Innerdiameter

C    Stainless steel collar embedded in polymer

D    Proximal marker band

E    1x1 Braid

F    Hydrophilic coating

G    Distal marker band

H    Atraumatic tip