PTCA Balloon Catheters

Maverick2 TM Balloon Catheter technologies deliver the exceptional performance needed to succeed in demanding cases.

Maverick2 Balloon Catheter technologies deliver the exceptional performance needed to succeed in demanding cases.


Product Details

Maverick2 Over-The-Wire Balloon Catheter

The balloon catheter that's ready for whatever you encounter. 

  • Proprietary laser bonded technology creates an extraordinary TrakTip™ Design and precise, smooth bonds throughout the shaft
  • Push coil design and improved distal flexibility for enhanced trackability
  • Our 1.5 and 2.0mm SoftLEAP™ Balloons offer enhanced crossability


Maverick2 Monorail™ Balloon Catheter

Greater performance for greater demands. 

  • Enhanced Shaft Construction: Full-length hypotube construction designed to deliver powerful push for tortuous anatomy and tight lesions
  • Outstanding Crossability: Laser bonding technology; seamless and flexible transitions designed for excellent cross and track
  • Flexible TrakTip Design: Intended to provide excellent flexibility for navigating through tight lesions and tortuous anatomy
  • Excellent Trackability: Low-profile, transitionless tapered distal shaft designed to provide balanced stiffness transition for superb push and track
  • Corewire intended to provide outstanding mid-shaft support


Maverick2 XL Monorail Balloon Catheter

Built for big challenges. 

  • Widest Range of Diameters: The Maverick XL Balloon Catheter joins the Maverick™ ² Monorail Balloon Catheter to provide the broadest size offering of any coronary balloon catheter line (1.5-6.0mm diameters). Maverick XL Balloon diameters include: 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0mm
  • Laser bonding-smooth transitions designed for excellent crossability and trackability; TrakTip Design-smooth taper and flexibility intended to enhance negotiation of tortuous anatomy; Pebax™ Distal Shaft-Enhanced flexibility intended to improve trackability
  • 150cm Shaft for Bypass Grafts: Full-length polymer/corewire construction designed to reduce deflation times
  • 6F Guide Compatibility: For versatility and convenience to use your guide catheter of choice