Emerge PTCA Dilatation Catheter unites versatility and deliverability

The Emerge Balloon

The Emerge Catheter combines the best of Boston Scientific balloon technologies to offer exceptional deliverability with an ultra-low profile, for a predilatation balloon catheter designed to navigate and cross even challenging lesions with unprecedented ease.


Product Details

Small 1.2 mm Size

  • Exceptional deliverability and low profiles designed to cross tight lesions.
  • High rated burst pressure 18 ATM (1824 kPa) for sizing flexibility.
  • Two shaft designs provide options for challenging lesions.

Reduced Shaft Profile for Simultaneous Use

  • Emerge Catheter is designed for exceptional simultaneous use performance
  • Shaft profile allows for simultaneous use of two Monorail™catheters in a 6 F guide catheter and two Over-the-Wire catheters in an 8 F guide catheter1

New Hydrophilic Coating

  • ZGlide™ hydrophilic coating reduces frictional force on the catheter shaft by 51% in bench tests2

Dual shaft designs

  • Two shaft options with distinct technologies designed to provide flexibility for navigating to and through challenging lesions
  • Push technology: Single-segment inner shaft design for ultimate pushability 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm Push
  • Workhorse technology: Bi-Segment™ inner shaft designed for maximum deliverability without sacrificing pushability (1.2 mm to 4.0 mm)

Balloon and Tip Design

  • Unique, over-the-inner tip design: outer tip material rides over the inner shaft material and is designed to improve overall flexibility and tip performance
  • Profiles: Ultra-low 0.017” tip profile and 0.026” crossing profile3
  • Balloon Material: OptiLEAP™ balloon material provides sizing flexibility
  • Platinum marker bands provide optimal radiopacity

Monorail and Over-the-Wire Catheter Options

Choose from Monorail and Over-the-Wire Catheter options. Available in sizes from 1.2 mm to 4.0 mm.