Trapezoid™ RX

Wireguided Retrieval Basket

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Flexible yet sturdy catheter is designed to bend with the biliary anatomy to facilitate pushability in the duct
Fluoroscopy image showing Trapezoid RX Retrieval Basket capturing a stone in the common bile duct (CBD)
Illustration showing proper positioning of scope below papillary opening when removing the basket
Animation shows Trapezoid RX Basket and Alliance II Inflation Handle capturing and crushing a large stone in the CBD
Alliance™ II Inflation Handle: Used with Trapezoid Basket to mechanically crush large stones

An RX Biliary System™ Device engineered to facilitate pushability, tactile feel and guidewire access in the bile duct. May be used with the Alliance™ II Inflation Handle for mechanical lithotripsy to crush large stones.

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Trapezoid RX Wireguided Retrieval Baskets
Trapezoid RX Wireguided Retrieval Baskets
Order NumberDescriptionOpen Basket Diameter (cm)Recommended Guidewire (in)Required Working Channel (mm)Packaging
M00510860     Trapezoid RX Wireguided Retrieval Basket1.5.0353.2Each
M00510870 Trapezoid RX Wireguided Retrieval Basket2.0353.2Each
M00510880Trapezoid RX Wireguided Retrieval Basket2.5.0353.2Each
M00510890*Trapezoid RX Wireguided Retrieval Basket3.0353.2Each

Recommend Alliance™ II Inflation System for use as Mechanical Lithotriptor.

*Refer to Instructions for Use when using this device; recommended for use with Biliary Calculi of >1.5cm.

Alliance™ II Inflation System
Order NumberDescriptionPackaging
M00550620     Inflation HandleEach

Clinical Information

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Presented by Adam Elfant, MD