RF3000™ Radiofrequency Ablation System

Radiofrequency Ablation

RF3000 Radiofrequency Generator
RF3000 Radiofrequency Generator

Simplicity and Predictability in Soft Tissue Ablation

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Product Details

Designed for use with the RF3000™ Radiofrequency Generator

  • Umbrella-shaped array
  • Wide portfolio matrix of array diameters from 2cm to 5cm
  • Soloist Single Needle Electrode for small 1.5cm x 1cm ablation zones
  • The only RFA system that utilizes impedance to accurately assess the procedural endpoint

Variety of Cannula Designs

  • LeVeen SuperSlim needle electrode intended to minimize invasiveness
  • CoAccess Needle Electrode System enables a coaxial entry port for one or multiple insertions, including biopsy probe access
  • Depth markings at 1cm intervals designed for accuracy of placement