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Valve System

The LOTUS Edge Valve System is a next-generation, mechanically expanding TAVR technology, designed to simplify delivery and deployment.

The LOTUS Edge Valve System is not available for sale in the United States.

Key Resources

Safari™ Pre-Shaped TAVI Guidewire


Product Details

Features of Mechanically Expandable LOTUS Edge Valve

  • LOTUS Edge features proprietary Depth Guard™ technology, designed to reduce LVOT interaction and PPM rate by minimizing the depth of the valve during deployment. 
  • Full repositionability prior to release, even after full deployment, LOTUS Edge™ is designed to ensure precise placement

  • Adaptive Seal™ technology is designed to minimize PVL by conforming to various types of anatomies to create a strong and secure seal
  • New catheter with reduced profile is designed to be more flexible and trackable