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Valve System

The LOTUS Edge Valve System is a next-generation, mechanically expanding TAVR technology, designed to simplify delivery and deployment.

The LOTUS Edge Valve System is not available for sale in the United States.

Key Resources

Safari™ Pre-Shaped TAVI Guidewire


Product Details

Features of Mechanically Expandable LOTUS Edge Valve

  • LOTUS Edge features proprietary Depth Guard™ technology, designed to reduce LVOT interaction and PPM rate by minimizing the depth of the valve during deployment. 
  • Full repositionability prior to release, even after full deployment, LOTUS Edge™ is designed to ensure precise placement

  • Adaptive Seal™ technology is designed to minimize PVL by conforming to various types of anatomies to create a strong and secure seal
  • New catheter with reduced profile is designed to be more flexible and trackable

Clinical Program Overview

Lotus Clinical Program Lotus Clinical Program

Lotus aortic valve studied in REPRISE I,II,IIEXT.,III,RESPOND and REPRISE JAPAN. LOTUS Edge aortic valve studied in REPRISE EDGE.