Saphenous Vein Graft

Protect Against Distal Embolization

Saphenous vein grafts (SVGs) yield high embolic risk. Predictable protection from embolic debris can help ensure better patient outcomes. Partner with Boston Scientific to mitigate the inherent risks of SVG interventions and master complex PCI.

  • Patients undergoing PCI in SVGs may have increased risk of adverse events due to plaque embolization
  • Distal embolization during SVG PCI is common, and embolic events cannot be accurately predicted by clinical or angiographic variables1
  • Mechanical embolic protection devices are used to capture atheroemboli
  • Use of distal embolic protection devices is an ACC/AHA/SCAI standard of care recommendation2

Embolic Complications are Frequent and Costly in SVG Interventions

Quality Outcomes

42% reduction in incidence of MI

  • Mean cost of an MI is > $24,000 in the first year

Operational Efficiency

Embolic protection associated with $1,346 in savings (primarily centered on length of stay)

  • Savings largely offset the cost of the device

Patient Experience

Reduced hospital stay by 0.4 days

  • Mean cost of a hospital day ($1,500)

Financial Health

Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ration (ICER) is $3,718 per year of life saved

(Note: Well below the accepted standard of $50,000)

Based on distal protection using the GuardWireTM Balloon Occlusion Device

‡Economic results adjusted from 2001 to 2014 dollars:

Embolic Protection Devices are Underutilized