Ablation Catheter

The INTELLANAV MIFI Open Irrigated Catheter brings together our proprietary Mini-Electrode technology with the Total Tip Cooling design and the IntellaNav magnetic tracking for Unparalleled Clarity, Cool Performance and Confident Navigation in Rhythmia HDx Mapping System procedures

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Product Overview

The IntellaNav MiFi OI ablation catheter provides the multi-dimensional EGM information you need in your EP procedure for a better:

  • location of the tip of your catheter
  • assessment of the tissue your catheter is in contact with
  • live ablation feedback

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Electrode Configuration: Quadripolar

Electrode Spacing 2.5mm

Model Number Shaft Size Curve Style Tip Size

M004 EPMR9620 0

7.5 F (2.5 mm) Standard 7 F (2.34 mm) / 4.5 mm

M004 EPMR9620K2 0

7.5 F (2.5 mm) Large 7 F (2.34 mm) / 4.5 mm

M004 EPMR9620N4 0

7.5 F (2.5 mm) Asymmetric 7 F (2.34 mm) / 4.5 mm