Catheters: Ablation

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  • Blazer™ Open-Irrigated Ablation Catheter

    The Blazer™ Open-Irrigated Ablation Catheter is the only catheter with a Total Tip Cooling™ Design which provides total uniform tip cooling internally, an optimized flow pattern with active washing and consistent cooling throughout RF delivery as well as a uniform external flow.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • INTELLANAV™ XP & INTELLANAV MIFI™ XP Temperature Ablation Catheter Family

    The INTELLANAV™ XP and INTELLANAV MIFI™ XP catheters encompass the proven performance of the BLAZER™ XP platform and the unparalleled clarity of MIFI technology in our magnetically tracked ablation catheters. These catheters unlock the magnetic tracking performance of the RHYTHMIA™ Mapping System, enabling increased accuracy, clarity, and performance.1

    1. Electrophysiology

    The INTELLANAV MIFI Open Irrigated Catheter brings together our proprietary Mini-Electrode technology with the Total Tip Cooling design and the IntellaNav magnetic tracking for Unparalleled Clarity, Cool Performance and Confident Navigation in Rhythmia HDx Mapping System procedures

    1. Electrophysiology

    The INTELLANAV™ OPEN-IRRIGATED catheter encompasses the elegant Total Tip Cooling™ design and the familiarity and proven performance of the Blazer platform, now enhanced with INTELLANAV magnetic tracking technology for cool performance and confident navigation in RHYTHMIA Mapping System procedures.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • INTELLATIP MIFI™ Open-Irrigated (OI) Multi-Dimensional Ablation Catheter

    The INTELLATIP MIFI™ OI Ablation Catheter delivers the critical, multi-dimensional information you need to confidently diagnose and treat complex cardiac arrhythmias and provide the true picture of exactly what is happening at the tip of the ablation catheter in real-time.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • INTELLATIP MIFI™ XP Temperature Ablation Catheter

    The INTELLATIP MIFI XP, with MicroFidelity (MiFi) sensor technology, introduces a new generation of high-resolution ablation catheters. INTELLATIP MIFI XP technology, only from Boston Scientific, is engineered to deliver highly localised electrical information of unparalleled clarity to allow you to see the critical information you need in real-time.

    1. Electrophysiology