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Obtryx™ II

Transobturator Mid-Urethral Sling System with PrecisionBlue™ Design

Transobturator sling with enhanced features that are designed to provide smooth sling placement, intra-operative adjustability with minimal tissue disruption, and increased physician visualization that aids in precise sling placement.

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Product Brochure Procedure Video Indications, Safety and Warnings – Obtryx™ II System – Halo Indications, Safety and Warnings – Obtryx™ II System – Curved



Product Details

Needle Design

  • Needle tip length is designed to facilitate transobturator device passage
  • Two needle configurations, halo and curved, allow physicians to choose the needle that meets their preference

Association Loop

  • Designed to facilitate easy needle engagement and removal

Dilator Legs

  • Designed to create a small delivery track due to thin leg size and provides smooth delivery of the sling through the anatomy allowing for minimal tissue disruption

Sub-Urethral Segment

  • No sleeve coverage under the sub-urethral segment to allow for visibility and to aid in precise placement

Centering Tab

  • Blue centering tab identifies the center of the mesh and provides for equal distribution of mesh on each side of the urethra
  • The centering tab can be used to aid in tensioning the mesh implant

Blue Advantage™ Mesh

 Detanged Polypropylene Material

  • Designed to Reduce Irritation. The polypropylene mesh is de-tanged in the suburethral portion to potentially reduce irritation to the urethral wall.
  • Resists Deformation The suburethral portion of the mesh is de-tanged to potentially resist deformation during tensioning.



A Comparative Transobturator Sling Matrix

The Obtryx II Sling System requires less delivery force without sacrificing holding force.

  • 54% less delivery force than the MonArc Sling
  • 70% less than Bard Align TO Sling
  • 62% less than TVT-O
  • 69% less than Gynecare TVT-Abbrevo Sling


The Obtryx II Sling System requires less sleeve removal force.

  • 91% less sleeve removal force than the MonArc Sling, Gynecare TVT-Abbrevo Sling and Bard Align TO Sling
  • 77% less than TVT-O
  • 87% less than TVT-Abbrevo

Characteristics of Transobturator Sling Systems


Ordering Information

Order Number UPN Description Quantity
850411 M0068504110 Obtryx II System Single Unit
850511 M0068505110 Obtryx II System Single Unit

Each System includes Two (2) Delivery Devices and One (1) Mesh Assembly



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