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Platinum Fiducial Markers

LumiCoil Platinum Fiducial Markers feature platinum construction designed for clear visibility in CT, X-Ray, EUS, CBCT, and MRI procedures.* The use of fiducials may lead to more accurate targeting in delivery of radiation.

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Product Details

Platinum construction may improve visibility compared to gold seed markers in MRI imaging1

LumiCoil Platinum Fiducial Marker

LumiCoil Platinum Fiducial Marker LumiCoil Platinum Fiducial Marker

Gold Seed

Gold Seed Gold Seed

The figure 8 configuration folds upon deployment, designed to potentially  increase anchoring in tissue compared to straight markers**. The figure 8 marker configuration is also designed to deliver improved visibility in CBCT as compared to straight marker configurations of comparable size. (22Ga compatible, 5mm length).**

Figure 8 Figure 8

Two loading options for the straight marker configuration based on preference; through the needle tip or through the needle’s luer.***

Figure 8 Figure 8

Individually packaged markers enable physicians to use the number  of markers needed in a case,  helping to reduce waste.

Markers Markers

Ordering Information

Product Description Order Number GTIN Fiducial OD Fiducial Length Differentiator Box Configuration
Lumicoil Platinum Fiducial Marker M00553831 08714729972877 0.018" 5mm Straight 3
Lumicoil Platinum Fiducial Marker M00553841 08714729972891 0.018" 10mm Figure 8 3