Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities

Building a culture of inclusion for everyone

At Boston Scientific we are committed to sustaining a culture of inclusion that welcomes everyone. Through external and internal investments, we celebrate employees  and communities  where they leverage their abilities to make our corporation a better place to work.

Disabilities are both apparent and non-apparent. Here at Boston Scientific, we celebrate individualities that make our culture unique. These attributes create an innovative and high performing workplace.

We embrace ideas  that impact a community of patients who are affected directly or indirectly through our life saving products.

LEAD Employee Resource Group (ERG)

Diversity is a core value at BSC. We celebrate diversity by promoting a culture of inclusion. The LEAD ERG embraces disability inclusion by focusing on Leadership, Education, and Allies for Disabilities.

The ERG’s mission is to promote the inclusion and celebration of people with any disability to be empowered to bring their “whole selves” to work. LEAD raises awareness for issues specific to people with disabilities in the workplace and community while creating allies and sustaining a safe environment where we can learn, teach and share resources for individuals, customers and allies.

The LEAD ERG partners with all company ERGs enabling employees to meet and share issues and ideas.

Partnership with USBLN – Going for the Gold

Boston Scientific is a member of a 6 company cohort that has signed on as pioneers for disability inclusion in the workplace.

The project offers the participating companies specialized focus on improving disability inclusion practices, 503 regulatory requirements, talent pipelines of individuals and veterans with disabilities, and an effective accommodations policy process with best practices.

Reasonable Accommodations

Boston Scientific’s progressive culture includes access to reasonable accommodations for employees and potential applicants. Individuals requiring an accommodation for job application are encouraged to make requests through our Employment Policy and Employee Relations Director, Lynn Prust, at 651-582-6485 or Lynn.Prust@bsci.com. Individuals not requiring accommodations should apply online.

Employment Partnerships

We are committed to finding and hiring the best talent for our corporation. Boston Scientific has actively engaged with local campus disability placement services in the communities in which we serve. You can also access opportunities  via our careers portal.