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Solutions for FRAMING, FILLING and FINISHING in Peripheral Embolization

Associates Precision & Control of a detachable coil to the powerful Thrombogenicity of a fibered coil configuration. The Interlocking arm is designed to allow the coil to be advanced and retracted before final placement. Synthetic streamlined oriented & dense fibers onto the platinum coil foster stasis to help reach occlusion. Available in a broad range of product sizes, Interlock™ Fibered occlusion system offers precise treatment and clinical flexibility.

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Interlock - shapes 2D Interlock - shapes 2D

The 2D Helical shape is designed to provide optimal anchorability, as the helical shape allows the coil to be in constant, consistent contact with the wall of straight or tapered vessel.

Interlock - shapes Diamond Interlock - shapes Diamond

The Diamond shape is designed to maximize occlusive power by tapering the distal and proximal ends of the coil, maximizing cross-sectional flow disruption.

Fibered for Thrombogenicity Power

fibered for thrombogenicity power fibered for thrombogenicity power

  • Every Coil contains multiple dense networks of Dacron® Fibers, each designed to catch blood cells and propagate the formation of thrombus.

  • A close-up image of Dacron Fibers (left) shows that the structure of the fiber strands are robust, yet porous, allowing for rapid thrombosis.

Independent Thrombogenicity Data

Interlock-18 fibered coils perform faster:

  • It reaches occlusion over 2 times faster than Covidien Concerto*.
  • Penumbra Ruby™ Coils take over 50% longer to reach same level of occlusion*.

Catheter Compatibility

The Interlock - 18 Fibered IDC Occlusion System is designed to be delivered  through a  0.021 in inner lumen microcatheter  [0.53 mm]

Coil delivery

Single Marker Microcatheter

Single Marker Microcatheter Single Marker Microcatheter


Double Marker Microcatheter

Double Marker Microcatheter Double Marker Microcatheter
coil-delivery 1 coil-delivery 1 coil-delivery 3 coil-delivery 3
coil-delivery 2 coil-delivery 2 coil-delivery 4 coil-delivery 4

Ordering information

Standard Length 2D Configurations

UPN Description Diameter
M001361480 Interlock - 18 Coil 2 40 2D
M001361490 Interlock - 18 Coil 2 60 2D
M001361500 Interlock - 18 Coil 3 60 2D
M001361510 Interlock - 18 Coil 3 120 2D
M001361520 Interlock - 18 Coil 4 80 2D
M001361530 Interlock - 18 Coil 4 150 2D
M001361540 Interlock - 18 Coil 5 80 2D
M001361550 Interlock - 18 Coil 5 150 2D
M001361560 Interlock - 18 Coil 6 100 2D
M001361570 Interlock - 18 Coil 6 200 2D
M001361580 Interlock - 18 Coil 8 200 2D
M001361590 Interlock - 18 Coil 10 200 2D
M001361600 Interlock - 18 Coil 10 300 2D
M001361610 Interlock - 18 Coil 12 200 2D
M001361620 Interlock - 18 Coil 12 300 2D
M001361630 Interlock - 18 Coil 14 200 2D
M001361640 Interlock - 18 Coil 14 300 2D

Long Length 2D Configurations

UPN Description Diameter
M001361920 Interlock - 18 Coil 10 500 2D
M001361930 Interlock - 18 Coil 14 500 2D
M001361940 Interlock - 18 Coil 18 500 2D
M001361950 Interlock - 18 Coil 20 500 2D
M001361960 Interlock - 18 Coil 22 600 2D

Diamond Configurations

UPN Description Diameter
M001361740 Interlock - 18 Coil 2/3 230 Diamond
M001361750 Interlock - 18 Coil 2/4 410 Diamond
M001361760 Interlock - 18 Coil 2/5 580 Diamond
M001361770 Interlock - 18 Coil 2/6 80 Diamond

* Bench testing performed by an independent laboratory intended to evaluate time required to occlude 75% of blood flow. Time to reach 75% cessation of blood flow distal to coil placement, measured at 1-minute time increments. Note: 75% cessation endpoint used since can’t measure flow in a hollow tube – 25% flow was minimum amount of flow able to be measured in model

Data one file at BSC. n=7 in Concerto group. N=9 in Ruby group. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance.

Interlock™ 35 and 18 and IDCTM Occlusion system is manufactured by Boston Scientific Corporation. All cited trademarks are the property of their respective owners. CAUTION: The law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.
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