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Guide Extension Catheter

Powerful Reach. Predictable Performance. GUIDEZILLA™ II Guide Extension Catheter provides additional back-up support and facilitates easy delivery of ancillary devices.

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Product Details

GUIDEZILLA II Guide Extension Catheter creates a smooth pathway for balloon and/or stent delivery by providing greater flexibility and a smooth surface. This is important with complex lesions, calcium, tortuous vessels, and distal lesions. 

By supporting the delivery of the interventional devices that are necessary to complete the procedure, GUIDEZILLA II Guide Extension Catheter will benefit the patient and hospital by turning an unsuccessful PCI into a successful PCI.


Design Changes


GUIDEZILLA™ Guide Extension Catheter

GUIDEZILLA™ II Guide Extension Catheter

Design Goal
Sizes 6F 6F, 7F, 8F, AND 6F Long Expanded Size Matrix
Guide Segment 25 cm

25 cm on 6F, 7F, 8F

(40 cm on 6F Long)

40 cm 6F Long Designed for TRI
Working Length 145 cm 150 cm

Extra 5 cm of Proximal

Hypotube Shaft

Collar Stainless Steel

Platinum Iridium

Helical Collar

Visibility and Smooth

Device Interaction

Coating Bioslide™ Z-Glide™

New Hydrophilic Coating

Aids Deliverability


Distal Marker Band

Proximal Marker Band

Distal Marker Band

Radiopaque Collar

Added Visibility
Hypotube Transition 19 mm 6 mm

Optimized to Reduce

Device Interaction

Hub Design

Ergonomic and

Easily Identifiable


Ordering Information

Size GTIN Ref/Catalog Number Compatible Guide Catheter Inner Diameter Outer Diameter
6F 08714729939450 H7493933515060 6F I.D. ≥0.070" (1.78mm) 0.057" (1.45 mm) 0.067" (1.71 mm)
6F LONG (40 cm) 08714729939467 H74939335150610 6F I.D. ≥0.070" (1.78 mm) 0.057" (1.45 mm) 0.067" (1.71 mm)
7F 08714729939474 H7493933515070 6F I.D. ≥0.078" (1.98 mm) 0.063" (1.60 mm) 0.073" (1.86 mm)
8F 08714729939481 H7493933515080 6F I.D. ≥0.088" (2.24 mm) 0.072" (1.83 mm) 0.083" (2.11 mm)