Mapping System

Mapping, Redefined.
Currently the world's first most advanced 3-D mapping system. The Rhythmia Mapping System is designed to provide all the information needed to better diagnose and treat all types of arrhythmias with greater clarity, efficiency and confidence.

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Mapping, Redefined.

The Rhythmia Mapping System marks the beginning of a new era in electrophysiology. It is an essential tool in the workflow of diagnosis and treating patients with arrhythmias with greater confidence and success.

Rhythmia Mapping System

Rhythmia Workstation Rhythmia Workstation

IntellaMap Orion™ High Resolution Mapping Catheter

EGM Clarity 

  • 64 low-noise electrodes 
  • 2.5 mm inter-electrode spacing 

Mapping Versatility 

  • 8.5F (2.83 mm), bi-directional steerability 
  • Variable diameter (3-22mm) for use in various anatomical structures 

Safety in Design 

  • 8 smooth, flexible splines 
  • Flushing port designed to prevent clot formation 

Signal Station

Sophisticated, clear communication

  • Collects, processes and filters higher quality signals with less noise 
  • Typical noise floor is less than 0.01 mV 
    • 192 intracardiac channels + Surface ECG 
    • Connectivity to the IntellaMap Orion™ and other compatible EP catheters

Rhythmia Signal Station Rhythmia Signal Station

Localization System

Localization image Localization image

Best of Both Worlds 

  • Open architecture gives you the freedom to choose and visualize ablation or diagnostic tool 
  • Highly accurate hybrid tracking provides the optimal blend of magnetic and impedance technologies 
    • Magnetic Localization - Accurate to ≤ 1mm¹ 
    • Impedance Localization - Accurate to ≤ 2mm¹

Smart, efficient mapping

  • Continuous Mapping simultaneously generates accurate, high-resolution 3D electroanatomical maps
  • Dynamic Review allows user to quickly review and edit data points
  • Automated, intelligent annotation eliminates time-consuming manual annotation

Smart Efficient Mapping Smart Efficient Mapping