Mapping System

Boston Scientific Corporation’s RHYTHMIA™ Mapping System sets a new bar in high-definition mapping by using three main features: density, resolution, and automation. Each is essential in creating high-definition maps.

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Directions for Use RHYTHMIA Brochure RHYTHMIA Spec Sheet


Watch RHYTHMIA in Action

Watch RHYTHMIA in action to quickly see how density, resolution, and automation work together to create a new standard in high definition mapping.

Ordering Information

RHYTHMIA Mapping System Installation Bundle

UPN Number



Rhythmia Install Bundle

RHYTHMIA Mapping System Optional Accessories

UPN Number


M004 RH1000 0 Signal Station (PIU)
M004 RAPWR 0 Rhythmia Power Supply
M004 RAETHERNET15 0 Fiber Ethernet Cables 15m
M004RH3000 0 Rhythmia System Software
M004RADFU1 0 Rhythmia System Operating Manual
M004 RH1100 0 Breakout Box A IN
M004 RH1150 0 Breakout Box A OUT
M004 RH1200 0 Breakout Box B IN
M004 RH1250 0 Breakout Box B OUT
M004 RH1300 0 Breakout Box MAP OUT
M004 RACONDITION 0 Conditioning Box w/ IFU
M004 RH1500 0 Foot Switch
M004 RA7000 0 SIU Split Cable
M004 RAMMTIPS16 0 Male to Male Tip - Jacks 16-16 Pin
M004 RAMMTIPS2 0 Male to Male Tiip - Jacks 2-2 Pin
M004 RALRCBL1 0 Location Reference Cable
M004 RA6200 0 Connect Box - Maestro
M004 RBLMR10 0 Magnetic Tracking System Kit (Kit contains: Localization Field Generator, SIU, LU Power Cable)
M004 RA7200 0 LU Data Cable
M004 RH4100 0 Workstation Monitor
M004 RH4000 0 Workstation PC (inc Power Cable)
M004 RARS232FF10 0 DB9 RS232 Serial Cable Null F/F 10ft
M004 RARS232MF10 0 DB9 RS232 Serial Cable Strt Thr M/F 10ft
M004 RAUSBRS232MM 0 USB to DB9 RS232 Adapter M/M
M004RA7300 0 Localization Unit Power Cord
M004RH4200 0 Rhythmia Workstation Keyboard
M004RH4300 0 Rhythmia Workstation Mouse

Additional Required Accessories (six power cords need to be ordered for each install)

UPN Number


M00435360102 0 Powercord – Generic Europe (German)
M004REUPWRCORD 0  Rhythmia Powercord – Continental Europe
M004ITPWRCORD 0 Powercord for Italy
M004RITPWRCORD 0 Rhythmia Powercord for Italy
M004SWPWRCORD 0 Powercord for Switzerland
M004RSWPWRCORD 0 Rhythmia Powercord for Switzerland
M004UKPWRCORD 0 Powercord for UK
M004RUKPWRCORD 0 Rhythmia Powercord for UK

ECG Configuration for OUS- Must be ordered with Global Installation Bundle

UPN Number


M004RB5000OUS 0 ECG Out Box and Cable Kit 1 OUS  
M004RH1450 0 ECG Box Out - EU IEC X
M004RA5000OUS 0 ECG Cable - Trunk - EU IEC X
M004RA5100OUS 0 ECG Cable - Limbs - EU IEC X
M004RA5200OUS 0 ECG Cable - Chest - EU IEC X

Optional Accessories




M004 RA6000 0 Connection Box- Stockert™ RF Generator
M004 RA6100 0 Connection Box - IBI™ RF Generator  
M004 RH4100 0 Workstation Monitor Second monitor,unless slaving into Large Screen or existing monitor
M004 RASSCART 0 Rhythmia System Cart  
M004 RAWRKCART 0 Rhythmia Workstation Cart  
M004 RACARTARM 0 Rhythmia Cart Monitor Arm  
M004 RACARTARMEXT 0 Rhythmia Cart Monitor Arm Extender  
M004 RA8000 0  Fiber Optic Adapter Kit 1 For Use when utilizing Carto™ Mapping system.
M004 RA8050 0 Fiber Optic Adapter Kit 2 For Use when utilizing Velocity™ Mapping system.
M004 RA6050 0 IntellaNavTM OI Connection Box Stockert™ RF Generator  
M004 5441S 0 EGM Connection Cable for IntellaNav™ OI  


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