BSK Women’s Network ‘BLOOM’

BSK Launched Women's Network 'BLOOM'

    Boston Scientific Korea launched BSK Women’s Network named BLOOM which is the abbreviation for BSK Ladies’ Organization Of Movement, meaning a wish all BSK Women to flourish in career and life. Its goal is to nurture BSK female leaders by building women’s talent pipeline which is intended to improve their competence and share the information. It would offer competence improvement for female employees, help them to overcome difficulties of working women who struggle to balance their careers with family responsibilities, including getting married, having a baby and childcare and create a female-friendly work environment. After the official announcement in July, we recruited TF team and had meetings to discuss about the management plan. 

    On October 23, we finally had a kick-off meeting. Thirty female employees (85% attendance) attended the meeting and celebrated its’ successful launching. Young Soon (HR Manager) started with an opening statement, delivering the ultimate goal of this network and proposed its strategies and management plan. JaRyeong, RAGA/HEGA manager followed with an update on AMEA Women’s Leadership Conferences. After Young Soon’s welcoming and JaRyeong’s presentation, we watched a TED lecture that was led by the most influential woman leader and COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg. By watching her lecture, “Why we have too few women leaders,” we learned about why women lack in leadership roles and few tips to take for our future career. 

    After the lecture, two female employees were paired up in groups to talk about themselves and their current concerns for 10 minutes. Then we all gathered up again and introduced each other partners and shared her concerns to all female employees and these will be reflected to operate the network. We will develop this network through regular meetings, having various activities such as mentoring program, Lunch & Talk, a guest speaker and online female-leadership education and wish to nurture all BSK female employees as leaders through this network.