Discover how two men with a vision of providing more accessible, lower-cost and less-invasive options to patients turned an idea into a company that would later become one of the industry’s top medical device developers.

Innovaciones Importantes

Within two years of development, Boston Scientific's peripheral polyethylene dilatation balloon was the industry standard.
John Abele met Andreas Gruentzig, who eventually pioneered the first percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) procedures to treat heart disease.

Historia Fundacional

In 1978, John Abele and Pete Nicholas were both looking for solutions. Abele wanted an investor for Medi-Tech, a company he joined in 1969 that was pioneering the field of interventional medicine. He wanted a partner who would see his vision to create new markets for less-invasive medicine and spread the word about Medi-Tech's products. Nicholas wanted to build an enterprise. The result was Boston Scientific, founded on June 29, 1979, as a holding company to purchase Medi-Tech.  Abele and Nicholas founded Boston Scientific with a clear purpose—to benefit public health by bringing more accessible, lower-cost and lower-trauma medical options to patients—and to become a leader in all aspects of the industry.