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Single-Incision Sling System

Designed to reduce dissection and associated risk, and to offer a procedure with fewer steps. The mesh carrier tip snap-fits fo the delivery device allowing for advanced control with micro-adjustability during placement.

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Product Details

Mesh Carrier and Assembly

  • The barbs are designed in two stream-lined planes providing an aero-dynamic design intended to track smoothly through tissue
  • Snap-fit delivery device tip helps prevent premature carrier slip-off
  • Mesh length is 9cm, as recommended by an anatomist

  • Mesh assembly placement is designed to be away from critical structures, such as the obturator bundle

Delivery Device

  • Designed to seat carrier where placed
  • Ergonomic palm placement facilitates shaft angle follow-through
  • Mid-line marker facilitates guidance for accurate placement

Ability to Tighten

  • Tensioning by delivery device advancement
  • Carrier snap-fit on delivery device tip facilitates placement control

Ability to Loosen

  • With carrier snap-fit on the delivery device tip, the delivery device is designed to allow retraction if needed
  • Tanged lateral mesh may allow for loosening

  • Note: Once the carrier is deposited in the tissue, it is not designed to be reconnected onto the shaft tip for additional tension/adjustment.

De-Tanged Polypropylene Material

  • Designed to Reduce Irritation. The polypropylene mesh is de-tanged in the suburethral portion to potentially reduce irritation to the anterior urethral wall.


  • Resists Deformation The suburethral portion of the mesh is de-tanged to potentially resist deformation.


Ordering Information

Order Number UPN Description Quantity
850700 M0068507000 Solyx SIS System Single Unit
850700 M0068507001 Solyx SIS System Box 5

Each System includes One (1) Delivery Device and One (1) Mesh Assembly



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