It’s time for a better solution

Someday we may be able to predict heart failure events weeks before they happen.

Someday clinicians will be able to intervene earlier and help reduce patient hospitalizations.

Someday an actionable alert will help enable proactive care instead of reactive treatment.

That someday is today. With HeartLogic™ Heart Failure Diagnostic.*


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See Dr John P. Boehmer present the MultiSENSE Study at AAHFN 2017.
A promising step beyond current approaches, HeartLogic is a diagnostic tool that includes a composite index monitored over time and is designed to deliver proactive alerts of worsening heart failure to clinicians.
Multiple sensors track key physiological trends related to heart failure from within a high voltage Resonate™ family device.
HeartLogic combines these trends into one composite index.
Once the composite index crosses a programmable, clinician-set threshold, heart failure following clinicians are sent a proactive alert and given access to a detailed report. This is the information that your patient’s care team needs to know, before they’d expect to know it.
Multiple physiological sensors. One great choice for patients.

Our algorithm was designed to detect the early warning signs of worsening heart failure from a diverse set of sensors chosen to target the different aspects of heart failure pathology.
High Sensitivity.
Low alert burden.
Weeks of Advance Notice.
The published results of the MultiSENSE Study validated HeartLogic’s high sensitivity of 70% for predicting heart failure events with a very low burden of less than two total alerts per patient per year. In most cases, clinicians would have had several weeks of advanced notice of a potential heart failure event.4 Based on the MultiSENSE performance data, we believe our proprietary service can offer your care team an unprecedented level of confidence for addressing heart failure events and the correlated costs.**

**The HeartLogic Index and Alert were validated using data from the MultiSENSE study; however, HeartLogic’s impact on clinical outcome has not been stablished. Establishment of the impact will require a post market trial designed specifically to study clinical outcomes directly related to the use of this feature.

The choice you make now could help your heart failure patients in the future.

Choosing to implant a high voltage Resonate™ family device is the first step in helping you move from reactive treatment to proactive care for your patients with heart failure. Why wouldn’t you choose a device that is HeartLogic compatible?

Learn more about  all our sensors from our Heart Failure Sensor Suite

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