Chronic total occlusions in Latin America

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Chronic total occlusions in Latin America.


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Stingray Balloon LP

Dissection and Reentry (ADR)

Stingray balloon LP preparation


1. Attach a three-way stopcock to the end of the lateral Stingray balloon port.

2. Using a completely dry 20 cc luer-lock syringe, aspirate negative 2–3 times. Turn the stopcock each time, keeping the balloon port closed to retain vacuum in the Stingray balloon.

3. Remove the 20 cc syringe, replacing it with a 3 cc luer-lock syringe that contains 100% contrast.

4. Flush contrast through a three-way stopcock ensuring that there are no air bubbles in the stopcock.

5. Open the stopcock to the syringe—the plunger will advance by 2–3 mm. The contrast syringe can remain attached to the Stingray balloon until ready to connect with the insuflator.