Common Questions

Common Questions

Common Questions

To be eligible for an MRI scan, you must have the right system implanted. This includes the pacemaker or generator and the lead wires. The clinic performing the scan must use an MRI machine that meets the technical requirements of the ImageReady system.
Am I able to have an MRI scan?
What can I expect during an MRI scan?
What happens after the scan?

Am I able to have an MRI scan?

  • If a healthcare provider recommends an MRI scan, talk to your doctor before scheduling your MRI scan.

  • Your doctor will check you and your ImageReady system to determine if you are eligible for an MRI scan.

  • Even if your system is eligible, you may have other implanted devices or metal in your body that may prevent you from having an MRI scan.

  • You must be physically capable of having an MRI scan. This means that you can lay flat during the scan, and tolerate how the pacemaker or generator functions during the scan. Your ImageReady™ MR Conditional System and MRI Scans.

  • Your implanted pacemaker or generator and lead wires are listed on your current medical device ID card. You should keep this card with you at all times, and take it with you to the MRI facility.

  • Always check with your heart doctor or a healthcare provider if you have questions before or after the MRI scan.
  • Before the scan, your ImageReady system will be programmed to the MRI settings. These settings are necessary for you to receive an MRI scan. While your pacing system is programmed to these settings, your heart rate may be different from what you are accustomed to.

  • Your heart function will be monitored during the scan.

  • Your ImageReady system may stay in the new MRI settings for a limited time. If so, you or your caregiver may be notified of the duration of time your device will remain in the MRI settings. The MRI scan needs to be completed before that time expires.

  • You may see signs at the MRI facility that warn you not to enter if you have a pacemaker. These signs apply to pacing systems that are not eligible, programmed, and cleared to have an MRI scan. Always check with a healthcare provider if you have questions.

  • During the MRI scan, you may experience the following:
    • Loud noises are part of a normal MRI scan; the noises are not coming from your pacemaker or generator.
    • You might feel slight movement or vibration of the pacemaker or generator, or a warm sensation from the pacemaker or generator.
  • After the scan, follow the directions provided by your doctor or healthcare provider.

  • Your implanted ImageReady system may be checked to ensure it is working normally. The system may be programmed out of the MRI settings, or it may return to your normal pacing settings automatically after a specific period of time set by your doctor.

  • If you experience any new symptoms after the scan, contact your doctor or healthcare provider.

  • If you need additional MRI scans, you and your system must be checked for eligibility for a scan each time. If your implanted system has changed, for example a new pacemaker or generator or lead wires, or if aspects of your health have changed, it is possible that you are no longer eligible for an MRI scan or a new generator.